Quality System Investment Application

江苏7位数 www.jgjuk.com As a professional manufacturer of abrasive, CHANWAY's key to success is its high quality. Strict quality control is the strong guarantee of good quality. CHANWAY takes the lead in passing ISO9001:2000 quality management system certification. Improving raw and auxiliary materials, quality standard of product and quality control measure, directing the production process well and strictly supervising manufacturing process are necessary conditions of producing high quality product. To meet the quality standard of international level, CHANWAY INDUSTRIAL demands to produce product that is not only meet international standard but even higher than international standard on quality management.

Based on technical innovation, CHANWAY INDUSTRIAL adopts international leading technology in order to produce high-quality products which keep leading position on durability, sharpness and specialty. Besides, aiming to constantly improve the market competitiveness by quality, CHANWAY INDUSTRIAL builds up an effective enterprise management platform by effective integration of resource, management mechanism and comprehensive promotion of product management level.

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